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Corporate Communications, Change and Competence Development

You have something to say. I make sure that your message gets across. Whether you are a company, a public authority or a scientist - I advise you competently, individually and in a way that is suitable for everyday use.


My practical trainings are tailored to your needs with a focus on things you can easily incorporate into your work. My seminars provide you with the competence to package your content attractively and place it efficiently. So that you are well equipped to go into practice.


Ghostwriting and editing for print, online, social media, concept and proofreading for papers and grant applications: What you don't want to implement yourself, I will take off your hands.


I develop project concepts, long-term strategies and oversee your change projects. Whether digitalization, corporate culture or individual projects: together we specify your goals and the most efficient way to achieve them.


I just want you to be successful. With more than 20 years of experience in TV, print and online, as a press spokeswoman, lecturer and change manager for DAX corporations, universities and medium-sized companies, I will provide you with competent advice and support.


What you can expect:


Learn how professionals work.

Whether communications is just one of your many tasks in a small or medium-sized company, you're a scientist who needs to write layman's terms or a paper, or you've just started in a corporate press office: my seminars supply you with the relevant communication skills, in your topics and for your target group. Suitable for everyday use and tailored to your needs.


To the point.

What you can't or don't want to do yourself, I'll do for you. I am your ghostwriter, your editor, your text fairy. You’ll get texts for print, online, social media. For press releases and image brochures, for change processes and research results - for everything you have to say.

Team up for success.

Together with you, I create concepts for projects and develop long-term strategies. For the good things, such as your employer brand and your social commitment, for networking and customer acquisition. But also for critical issues, so that topics do not become issues. And if things do get dicey, I support your crisis communication.

Your window to the world


How you talk to the world outside you fence-line makes an important contribution to the success of your company: With good external communications, you pointedly raise the visibility and reputation of your company. You build credibility and trust with authorities, customers and suppliers. You attract specialists, create conviction and increase acceptance for your entrepreneurial actions.



Making sure you have what it takes to do so successfully is part of my training courses. The topics range from A for agenda setting and I for issues management to Z for Zoom-based stakeholder communication. As always, custom-tailored to your needs.


I also support the implementation of your projects with press releases, texts for your stakeholders’ magazine, editing for your annual report or information materials for online or print. Even screenplays and scripts for video productions are available upon request.


Together, we develop projects or long-term strategies. For the joyful things, like your commercial successes or your support for the local sports club. And we also prepare critical topics - so that you have your issues under control at all times. If desired, with crisis simulation and reality check.


Connect with the people who work for you


Your organization is becoming more complex, markets are volatile and conditions are changing. This increases the communication needs of your employees, who privately communicate and gather information on many channels. This changes the demands on your corporate communications.


In my seminars, you will learn how to make your employee communications fit for the future. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of internal media and communication channels and how to better support your protagonists: I show you how to set up strategic executive communications in your company as the person responsible for communications, position internal ambassadors and support and advise them in their personal communications.


Adapted to the respective medium, I support you with articles that reach and appeal to your employees. This target group-oriented engagement conveys your messages and shows your appreciation for your most important resource.


Together we look at the channels best suited to reach your employees. With strategic concepts, we place your tailored messages exactly where they should be perceived. This creates a positive corporate culture that generates loyalty and identification with the company and its goals.


Effective and sustainable


Successfully initiating, managing and consolidating change requires specialized skills. As a certified change manager, I plan your change projects, supervise their implementation and measure their effectiveness.

In liaison to project management, I can support efficient implementation at an early stage and in a holistic manner. I coach your executives by showing them requirements, drivers and barriers and equipping them with intervention tools. My professional monitoring allows agile action and flexible reactions.

Sustainable project success is ensured by target group-oriented change communication and change cooperation with all relevant leadership levels in the company - whether locally or across organizational and national boundaries.

With over 10 years of experience in international pharmaceutical companies, I maintain a keen eye on the special requirements (cGxP, CAPA, Part 11, Data Integrity) that arise in this highly regulated environment with regard to any modifications.


Tell the world about your great discoveries!


The development of new technologies increasingly confronts science with the task of educating the public and creating trust and acceptance through communication. Discussions about the public funding of science and research increase the social pressure for legitimacy on the one hand.

On the other hand, applications for funding must be phrased in such a way that the awarding commissions immediately understand why your project absolutely must be funded. To establish your place in the scientific community, you need papers that please editors and make it into the journals.


In my seminars, scientists learn to craft their writing so that it will be published in peer-reviewed journals or understood by a lay audience. I offer group training, online training, and in-house seminars.


In my "Paper Clinic" I breathe new life into your dead drafts: I revise your submissions for international conferences and edit contributions and papers for journals - in German and English, at native-speaker level. Regardless of the discipline, I edit theses and research proposals, review argumentation chains, and help summarize and present results.


I am still very curious. So in the fields of communication, participation, digitization and inclusion, I develop study concepts and supervise research projects.


My profile


I am Jutta Cook - author, communicator and lecturer with 20+ years of professional experience in all areas of communication, in Germany and USA.

My passion is comprehensibility. What we don't understand, we often reject based on gut feelings. When people understand why something happens, how something works and what its consequences are, they can act and make a conscious decision for a product, an employer, a mind-set. I observe that companies, government agencies and scientific enterprises often package their information in a way that is difficult to understand - even though they have compelling messages.

This is where my work sets in: I offer assistance in making things understandable - through competence transfer, strategic concepts and in implementation.


My expertise for your success


My two master's degrees in Theology, Communication Studies and History at the University of Bamberg and Public Communication & Broadcasting at Western Illinois University provide me with a solid academic foundation.

As a journalist, I got to know the information demands of print, radio and television. I gained experience in corporate communications at a large pharmaceutical company, where for ten years I was in charge of public relations and supervised internal communications with a strong focus on research and development. I practice change management as a freelance consultant in projects for multinational companies, mainly but not exclusively in pharma.

I have earned my spurs as a lecturer with advanced training courses for educational institutions and large corporations such as Bosch and T-Systems. Teaching assignments at various university departments keep my mind fresh and my connection to academia open.

Attending conferences and congresses keeps me up to date on topics, trends and innovation, as does my memebrship in professional fellowships such as the Federal Association of German Press Officers. This enables me to provide you with competent, current advice.


You're in good hands.


Let me know what you need and I will gladly make you an offer without obligation. You can call, email, write or just use my contact form below.


For large companies:

I work with several staffing suppliers to make the recruiting and billing process as easy as possible for you. If you prefer a fixed supplier or have an SLA with a certain agency that does not yet list my services, I will be happy to make you an offer for that as well.

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